Solos & duets

by Edward Freytag


A LONG WINTER’S NIGHT (duet for marimba and piano)

Medium Advanced-Grade V / Players: 2 / $22.00

This new three movement marimba/piano duet was literally composed during one cold January evening as a reflection of the solitude created by the harsh and confining winter weather. Movement I pivots around a haunting melody supported by a rhythmic ostinata representing an introspective look at one's own psyche. Movement II exudes the peace found while sitting in front of a fire...bundled in a warm blanket...immersed in a great book that transports one into another time and place. Movement III, with its contemporary harmonies and form, exhibits the brink of control that one approaches when confronted with "cabin fever". The piece, written for advanced high school to early college performers, is a true duet requiring equal musical contributions from both performers. “A Long Winter's Night” is guaranteed to be a great artistic statement in any concert or competition.

2014 Innovative Percussion Publishing


OSTINATA (timpani solo / 4 drums)

Medium Advanced-Grade V / Players: 1 / $10.00

“Ostinata” is a rudimentally based timpani solo for four drums. Very distinguishable melodies over rhythmic ostinati makes this piece a great musical statement for any timpanist. Implement variety and furious passages will enhance the presentation either in the concert hall or the competition arena. Written for advanced high school to early college timpanists, “Ostinata” will prove to be a great addition to anyone's timpani repertoire.

2014 Innovative Percussion Publishing


RaLAS CON FUOCO (rudimental snare/multi-percussion solo)

Advanced-Grade VI / Players: 1 / $14.00 (includes online video performance)

“RaLAS con Fuoco” is the newest addition to the Row-Loff Concert Solo/Duet Series. This composition features a driving rudimental snare solo enhanced by multi-percussion instruments such as timbales, cowbell, a small china and splash cymbal, and a kick drum. The piece is definitely advanced and will require a good technician for success. Grooves such as gua-guanco and the west African pan clave are incorporated into the piece giving it a cultural flair that will be a "fiery" addition to any concert. If the goal is to impress, this is the solo for you!

2013 RowLoff Productions / State Lists: MO, TX


SYNCHO DE MAYO (snare solo contained in the RLP book ZIGGADABUZZ)

Easy-Medium / Players: 1 / $20.00 (book& CD) / $15.00 (book only) / $8.00 (CD only)

An easy-medium rudimental contest snare solo featuring syncopation in a musically creative fashion, Syncho will prove to be a wonderful mid-level contest solo for any festival. Written for the Row-Loff / ProMark book, Ziggadabuzz, “Syncho De Mayo” is surrounded by other works written by some of the foremost rudimentalists of the day. A great collection to own!

Ziggadabuzz (collection of 15 snare solos)

2001 RowLoff Productions / State Lists: FL, IN, MO, TX